Play the Field. Choose Wisely.

How can you find and identify the right person to date, love, or marry in an increasingly diverse and multicultural United States?

This website will help you to locate, spot, and interact with people from distinct regional, ethnic, and other American subcultures (or “species”) by developing your people-watching skills and increasing your cross-cultural IQ.

In no time, you’ll be playing the American field like a pro, making more informed decisions about the right girl or guy for you, and having a lot more fun out there.

The idea for this website grew out of #1 bestselling books by author Joe Bovino about subcultures of American women, Field Guide to Chicks of the United States (which also won the gold medal for humor in the 2013 Global eBook Awards), Why Latinas Get the Guy, and Chicaspotting: A Field Guide to Latinas of the United StatesThis website will continue the conversation and invite you to offer helpful observations and points of view. It will also be a place to discuss new books coming soon from Joe Bovino, including  Cockspotting: A Field Guide to Men of the United States.

Joe Bovino is a three-time #1 bestselling author, CEO of BestsellerInYou.com, an Attorney at BovinoLaw.com, and your virtual field guide. He’s also a fitness enthusiast who appears as a cast member in the P90X workout program.

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